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Felipe GaonaFelipe Gaona
00:17 28 Jun 23
Very good attention from the Doctor and his work team...highly recommended the truth...a very professional person in his work, very attentive.
Camila ReyesCamila Reyes
02:11 27 Jun 23
After many days of looking for a specialist to treat my problem and traveling from Los Angeles, CA. I found the best doctor, the experience was 5 stars from the moment I booked and they contacted me to confirm the appointment, as well as provide me with the necessary information for my appointment and remind me that my appointment was coming up. When I arrived at the office, they received me in the best way, the doctor is super professional, he asked me about my problem in depth, he performed several tests and reviews, he made me feel very safe and to think that I was in the right place. Then he asked me for the necessary studies to conclude my diagnosis and he made a space for me in his agenda to return the same day, since I only traveled for this. When I return, he and his assistant took care of me in the best way. After reviewing the studies and explaining my problem and its causes; He gave me several treatment alternatives to solve it without having to need surgery.I am very happy with the whole experience and with the attention. Super recommended!
I went for a shoulder condition, Dr. Esteban was very clear and precise from the beginning, he explained to me in detail and without further ado, he operated on me and now I am in rehabilitation, highly recommended, the attention is very prompt, clear and professional. He has always answered all my questions. Very clear as to the procedures that are needed. Don't hesitate to go with him.
Jessica GoveaJessica Govea
02:00 27 May 23
Excellent attention from Dr. Esteban and his work team, its beautiful and comfortable facilities. He is a Dr who explains very well and treats the patient very well. Excellent service
Maria Guadalupe LassoMaria Guadalupe Lasso
01:40 28 Apr 23
Excellent doctor and excellent service from his team.It's been fifteen days since my knee surgery, today was the removal of stitches, I'm making progress.He explained my situation and follow-up in detail to later send me to rehabilitation.I recommend it
Edwiges MartínezEdwiges Martínez
20:48 19 Apr 23
Excellent care and with a lot of experience in his specialty, friendly, humane, conscientious, and very willing to care for the patient with patience and responsibility, highly recommended, thank you for your care
Kari Morones ArmentaKari Morones Armenta
18:50 21 Feb 23
Excellent doctor, he operated on both knees and so far great. Highly recommended and the attention provided by him and his team.
19:25 13 Jan 23
Very good attention from the doctor, very professional. He resolved all my doubts and indicated the necessary treatment.The only thing that came a little late but it was totally worth it.
Lupita FrancoLupita Franco
20:34 02 Dec 22
Excellent doctor and great person and if he explained the problem I have very well
Marvin CastroMarvin Castro
05:44 24 Nov 22
Staff is friendly and nice very attentive . Flew in to see this doctor after seeing his reviews and web page . But disappointed honestly . He agrees with me on how I have two bad disc in my lumbar spine . What disappointed me though was how he “temporarily “ wanted to fix my problem with a mini surgical solution and then after time when I feel worst again to get another surgical procedure . From what I’ve read in books and heard about other surgeons . The goal should be to just have 1 surgical procedure and be done with pain .
Alba HernándezAlba Hernández
01:07 03 Nov 22
I highly recommend Dr. Esteban, a few days ago I had a knee arthroscopy, I can say that he has been the angel who found my diagnosis after almost two years living with pain, going around several traumatologists and studies and a life with many limitations. The doctor from the first day in consultation transmitted that confidence to me and did not operate on me until he was sure that it was happening with my knees, he was always very accurate with all the symptoms that I presented. He is a very professional and very humane person, especially when dealing with patients, always very kind in all consultations until the day of my surgery. I am in the process of recovery but after the arthroscopy I have felt much better, the pain from my condition disappeared, it is only the discomfort of the intervention, and I can say that I was definitely in the best hands. And I thank you very much for falling into the hands of an excellent doctor.
fernando godinezfernando godinez
22:08 26 Oct 22
Excellent Traumatologist Dr. Esteban Castro, with a lot of Professional Ethics. The truth is an eminence, I had surgery on my shoulder and knee and I am completely satisfied with his work, my shoulder and knee turned out very well, God bless you, Dr. Esteban Castro.
Karen Meza VelazquezKaren Meza Velazquez
01:39 15 Oct 22
Excellent doctor, he explains your case and treatment in detail, very patient and cute. They made me feel safe, not only him, but all his staff...
Lorena Quezada FriasLorena Quezada Frias
17:30 21 Sep 22
Excellent treatment from all staff from the moment you arrive.He explains the treatment very well, steps to follow, treatment options and clarifies all your doubts.Facilities in super good condition and good location.
ananias tobielananias tobiel
02:45 05 Aug 22
I am a patient of the doctor... Esteban... I went through surgery... and now I am in the process of rehabilitation... I share my experience during the process... he is an excellent person both inside and outside the hospital... and of his work excellent work what he does ... very sure of what he does ... I recommend his work ... and they serve you in a very good and friendly way ...
Alan O Olmedo GAlan O Olmedo G
02:04 04 Aug 22
Dr. Esteban Castro is a very good surgeon, a long time ago he operated on a relative of mine and it went wonderfully, he answered our questions step by step and gave us excellent care, as did his entire medical team. Totally recommended.
Kevin ChangKevin Chang
23:32 14 Sep 20
Doctor Esteban was great! He reviewed my MRI and explained everything in detail. His English is great and I would highly recommend.
MD Sapiens SapiensMD Sapiens Sapiens
15:43 09 Mar 19
In my humble opinion, this is one of the best orthopedic surgeon of all Guadalajara. The personnel is very attentive and the facility is well centered. A+++
Esteban Castro Contreras

Te recomendamos la opción correcta para tu problema

Tratamientos de vanguardia

Utilizamos las técnicas más avanzadas a nivel mundial para brindar la resolución total de su lesión de hombro

Tratamiento conservador

Medicamentos para preservar el cartílago y antiinflamatorios + inyecciones de ácido hialurónico

Terapia física

La Rehabilitación de mayor precisión para patologías específicas

Evaluación médica y estudios

Chequeo físico y los mejores estudios de imagen (MRI, CT SCAN, RAYOS X) al mejor precio

Hospitalización y Emergencias

La atención más rápida a esos problemas que no pueden esperar

Prótesis ortopédicas

Las tecnologías más avanzadas en prótesis a nivel mundial para sus problemas específicos

Problemas de hombro más comunes

Inestabilidad del hombro

Cuando la cabeza del hueso del brazo sobresale de la cavidad del hombro, se conoce como inestabilidad. Esto puede ser causado como resultado de un accidente o uso excesivo.

Artrosis de hombro

Es común que síntomas como inflamación, dolor y rigidez aparezcan en la mediana edad. Se desarrolla lentamente y con el paso del tiempo el dolor generado empeora.

Síndrome de compresión del hombro

Ocurre cuando la parte superior de la escápula ejerce un roce considerable y constante sobre los tejidos blandos subyacentes.


Es una inflamación de la bolsa del hombro, que provoca dolor al menor movimiento.


Es una inflamación del manguito rotador y/o tendón del bíceps por desgaste o enfermedad degenerativa.

Tendón desgarrado

Estos desgarres pueden ser leves o podrían dañar completamente al tendón partiéndolo en dos pedazos.

Otras causas de dolor de hombro

Lesión del tendón

Los tendones son estructuras compuestas por un gran número de fibras, que se interponen entre los huesos y los vientres musculares.

Desgaste del cartílago (Artritis)

Una enfermedad articular degenerativa que provoca el desgaste del cartílago articular.

Radiculopatía cervical

Causado por una lesión cerca de la raíz de un nervio en la médula espinal (nervio espinal).

Fractura de hombro

Es la rotura total o parcial de un hueso por diversas causas; más comúnmente se debe a un accidente o una lesión deportiva.

Hombro congelado (capsulitis adhesiva)

Provoca dolor y rigidez en el hombro. Con el paso del tiempo genera gran dificultad para mover el hombro.


Los tumores de hombro son muy infrecuentes, por lo que su caracterización y diagnóstico diferencial puede suponer un reto en nuestra práctica diaria.

Cirugía de hombro mínimamente invasiva

Es un procedimiento que se debe realizar cuando existe:

  • Rotura del manguito rotador.
  • Inestabilidad y dislocaciones (dolor de hombro).
  • Artrosis de hombro.
  • Luxación acromioclavicular.
  • Fracturas de hombro.
  • Limitación severa del movimiento.

La cirugía se realiza en un promedio de 2 horas.
Con un dolor mínimo y una recuperación más rápida.

Beneficios de los tratamientos de hombro no quirúrgicos

Los tratamientos no quirúrgicos para el hombro ofrecen una variedad de ventajas en comparación con la cirugía tradicional, incluyendo:


Menos invasivo:

No implican incisiones, lo que significa menos dolor, trauma y riesgo de infección.


Recuperación más rápida:

El tiempo de recuperación suele ser significativamente más corto que después de la cirugía.


Evitación de la anestesia:

Muchos tratamientos no quirúrgicos no requieren anestesia general, lo que reduce los riesgos.


Menos complicaciones:

El riesgo de complicaciones graves, como sangrado, infección y daño a los nervios, es menor.


Variedad de opciones:

Existe una amplia gama de tratamientos no quirúrgicos disponibles.

Rehabilitación de hombro

La rehabilitación del hombro es el proceso de restaurar el rango de movimiento, la fuerza y ​​la estabilidad de la articulación del hombro después de una lesión o cirugía. El objetivo de la rehabilitación es que pueda volver a sus actividades normales lo antes posible.

El tipo específico de ejercicios y terapias que necesitará dependerá de su lesión o cirugía individual.

Es importante realizar los ejercicios de rehabilitación de manera lenta y constante. No debe sentir dolor durante los ejercicios. Si siente algún dolor, deténgase y hable con su fisioterapeuta.

Sobre mi

Dr. Esteban Castro Contreras
Traumatólogo Ortopédico Certificado en Guadalajara

No. de cédula: 9486249 / 8001171

  • Cirujano Ortopedista y Traumatólogo, Universidad de Guadalajara, 2014
  • Cirugía de Hombro y Columna, Hospital Universitario Regensburg, Alemania, 2014

Es un gusto para mi servirte con la experiencia de mi equipo, para encontrar siempre el diagnóstico preciso y el tratamiento específico para tu padecimiento, siempre dispuesto a ayudarte en todos los aspectos en que sea posible hacerlo.

Atención a emergencias 24/7. 

 Más de 10 años de experiencia.

Somos profesionales en el sistema muscular y esquelético.

4 consultorios médicos en Guadalajara México.